All change

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Want to see what I’ve been busy working on? head over to

From Hobby to Living

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Here’s a video of my talk to a local geek meeting about how I went from DIY Synths to Full time Synth design.

Modulus Music

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Want to find out what we’ve been up to?
Head on over to the “Modulus Music” facebook page - and like the page, when we get to 500 likes we’ll post a demo sound of our forth coming product!

Synth DIY UK 2014

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The date for SynthDIY UK 2014 has been set, it’s the 2nd of August.
We’re arranging for someone from the Drake Music Project to come and give a speech about the work they do, so come along, bring some synths and buy lots of raffle tickets!

Something big

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Something big is coming, something long overdue and truly unique. Keep an eye on our facebook/twitter accounts for more updates as they happen


VacoLoco in Sound on Sound

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The VacoLoco Zira and GorF got a mention in this months (the October edition) of Sound on Sound.

We were mentioned in the Korg Volca article as “alternatives”, the item reads – “There aren’t many serious synth/sequencer rivals that are comparably priced but I should mention the rather lovely Zira and GorF from the UK’s own VacoLoco. Built in small numbers, Zira is a wavetable oscillator synth with an analogue filter and patch memories, whilst GorF is a cute eight-step sequencer”


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Here’s something you don’t see everyday, 3 x Monowave altogether.

Monowaves three

What also makes this special is that there is the original Prototype (bottom), a beta unit (1 of 5) and a production (1 of 25) unit al together.


VacoLoco at Synth DIY UK

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Well, we’re almost packed and ready for this years Synth-DIY-UK event. We’ll be there with Zira to show and for people to have a play with and also with GorF to show and play with. I’m packing a few bits of stock should anyone wish to purchase a GorF or Zira whilst they’re there.

We will of course be showing the latest version of GorF-XL in Euro-rack format, with all the great new features of the latest software (sigificantly improved from last years debut)

We’re also bringing Tron and the latest version of JuJu so people can have a play and get a feel for what’s going on withour upcoming projects.

We’ll be blogging pictures as we go, via pinterest ( and on twitter ( or @VacoLocoSynth) we’ll be using the #SDIYUK hastag.

So why not come along on the 27th and enjoy a great day with synth geeks and experience the cutting edge of synth design, and maybe a few beers too!

Zira Monosynth Still Available

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Zira (our analogue digital hybrid monosynth) is selling well, we still have some left. Don’t forget this is a limited run of 64, with a third gone already that doesn’t leave long.

We’ve got two multi-tracked demo’s currently, “See You” by Depeche Mode -

And just for fun, the theme tune to the TV Series, Sledge Hammer -

Zira and JuJu Demo

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I’ve created a quick Zira and JuJu demo on soundcloud -

It’s the theme from SledgeHammer, written by Danny Elfman. Zira is doing all the synth duties (multi-tracked) and JuJu is on drums.

Don’t forget you can buy Zira whilst stocks last direct from our webstore