Too many candles

cake, yummy.Today, is my birthday, my 37th to be precise, but am I any the wiser for it?

Many things have happened over the last year in my personal life, work life and musical life. Probably the most significant was becoming a grandfather back in November.

Another notable part of this previous year was my decision to stop building hardware synths. After three people/companies had come forward and offered help with bringing Tempest/Defender to the market, and each one subsequently falling by the wayside, I do begin to wonder if there’s any point. There’s also the cost of building and developing a hardware synth, which is nothing short of astronomical. Couple this with the cost of manufacture, distribution and marketing, there really isn’t much cake left to share after. Not that money is important to my synth building activities, but not having any does limit what you can develop and build.

I’ve decided to focus on my music more than I have been. Since picking up bass and guitar I’ve rediscovered my love for writing and playing music, something that had been gradually fading.

For my birthday Jessie, my wife, bought me a rather beautiful leather music journal to keep my ideas and tunes in. Something I shall always treasure and value.

I’ve also learned a lot about writing, partly from writing these blog entries and also because of a work colleague reviewing and correcting my posts, which I appreciate greatly.

I’ve learned a lot over the last year, and I think to a large extent I’ve mellowed a little and become a little more tolerant (especially of other motorists) and a little more accepting of other people.

Let’s see what the next year brings.

One Response to “Too many candles”

  1. Chris Strellis Says:

    Sorry I missed your birthday :(

    Happy Birthday for last week – now you are as old as me (well for a few months at least!).

    I hope it was a good one :D